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The Zoo Group is an innovative, Dubai based web company exclusively specialising in Joomla. Our experience extends back to when the project was initially called Mambo; this positions us as the first Dubai business to exclusively specialise in Joomla related matters!

Why Joomla, Why Us? The Joomla! project has a rich heritage and has been crowned CMS king many times over. It currently powers over 2.8% of the entire Web and has been used by Speedo through to Hilton Hotels and McDonalds.

2.8% may not sound a lot, but with over 634,000,000 websites worldwide (approx.) thats' an impressive 17,752,000 websites!!


Your website is your shop window, if it's messy, untidy and hard to see in, your going to lose customers, stand out from the crowd and welcome new clients into your business.

Powerful Control

All our sites give you FULL control over your content, your menu's, galleries etc. - don't be stuck with a site YOU can't update.
Go to the Zoo and take control!

Responsive Design

From sub-notebooks, laptops, wide screen desktops to iPhone, iPad's, Android tablets and Blackberry's, your site should render perfectly on each device.

We turn your ideas into amazing websites

Every business is different, you have your own unique brand and business ethos, let your website reflect your professionalism and reputation, we take your brand and ideas and transform them into stunning, creative and functional websites that your clients will be happy to browse.

Featured Client - BakeUAE - Your Tan Misses You, Get it Back at Bake

BakeUAE has to be one of our favourite recent designs... Several years ago Sharis Shiribabadi of BakeUAE was launching her new business, she approached us to have her site built, and after a few discussions the work was started, a few weeks ago Sharis asked us to re-develop the site and once again we were happy to help.

We wanted the site to reflect the nature of Sharis' business, including the warm colours of the Gulf Sea and the golden brown sands of the Abu Dhabi beaches she manages and the rich oranges of the logo we originally designed.

Choosing from both stock images and the fabulous photos Sharis supplied we are happy with the results and think it matches BakeUAE's philosophy perfectly, we hope you agree.

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Beautiful Designs, Creative and Functional*

There's nothing worse than a fancy website that's hard to navigate, doesn't perform or simply doesn't provide the visitor with the right information. We work hard with all our clients to ensure their site meets both their's and the clients needs, all wrapped up in a visually stunning and easy to use package. We always offer totally unbiased advice that is aimed at making your website the best it can be, all in a plain and simple English, NO JARGON, Guaranteed!

* All our websites are delivered using the world's most popular CMS platform: Joomla!

We build responsive,
mobile-friendly websites

“Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”

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What our customers say about us

Every business wants to believe it's the best at what it does, we think we are but don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about working with The Zoo Group.

John Quinn We found working with the Zoo group to be a pleasurable stress free experience. In a world where it’s very easy to get confused, Kevin and his team put our minds and pockets at ease.

Emma Dubois Kevin has that rare combination of broad vision and tactical expertise. I am thrilled with the Web-design work he did for us.


Sharis Shibabadi He understands my vision and with his experience and knowledge I always feel confident to just send him the content knowing that all will be taken care of.



We design and host, see all the features.A single point of contact for both web and email ensures that your guaranteed not
to lose sleep if something goes wrong.

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